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dyed diesel fuel

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If any of the statements above are not true you do not qualify to buy dyed diesel fuel in Texas on a Signed Statement. Attach additional sheets if necessary. SIGNATURES I We declare that 1 all of the dyed diesel fuel purchased on a signed statement will be consumed by the purchaser and will not be resold 2 none of the dyed diesel fuel purchased on a signed statement will be delivered or permitted to be delivered into the fuel supply tanks of motor vehicles operating on the public highways in...
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The fee is 25.00 per registration. Once the registration is approved, you will then be sent a registration certificate. If you are paying in cash you must pay the registration fee plus 3% of the invoice amount. If you pay by credit card, check, or direct deposit, the total payable will be 25.00. This registration will have a serial number attached to it (the number being used by your local distributor to issue the registration) which you will need in the future if it is required for any reason. You will need an end user number to do a fuel analysis. You will get a letter if your registration is approved. Furthermore, you have been issued a fuel analysis report and are entitled to make a fuel analysis claim. In the event the analysis is not a complete and satisfactory result, you may file a claim to recover your expenses associated with the analysis. All fuel analysis claims must be made in writing and filed in your local office in San Antonio. Filed fuel analysis reports must include, at a minimum, the following: Identification. Full Refund Summary Cancellation Notification Letter Fuel Analysis Report The following are the regulations for the Texas Department of Community Affairs, Division of Motor Fuels of the Petroleum Division of the Department of Licensing and Regulation: Definitions Determination and Registration of Fuels All fuel used on in-state roadways must be designated fuel “D.F.” (Department of Transportation) If fuel is designated D.F. but is later found to be of a different type than D.F., the fuel must be subsequently labeled with a new D.F. designation. D.F. fuel must only be purchased, delivered, transported, distributed and consumed under a contract with the owner of the vehicle used and the vehicle's operator. This includes the vehicle's registration. All fuel used in Texas is designated as D.F. It will be shipped to you directly by your local distributor, not any person, organization or agency designated by Texas Department of Transportation pursuant to the law. You are not required to file a claim when a fuel analysis is found to be incomplete or not satisfactory, until you have made a fuel analysis claim to your local distributor. As a result, your claim may not be verified until you have shipped the fuel to the local distributor for processing. If D.F. is used as a tax-exempt fuel, you will need to pay a fuel fee of up to 3.
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